AU Foulum changes its name to "AU Viborg"

In connection with the establishment of an integrated research and education campus, AU Foulum changes its name to "AU Viborg – Research Center Foulum". The vision is that AU's new campus in the future will be a beacon and national centre for education and research within green solutions in agriculture, veterinary medicine and food systems of the future.

Based on the government's relocation agreement, AU and the Faculty of Technical Sciences want to create a modern educational campus with up to 800-900 students in Foulum. The working title of the name for the new campus has so far been AU Viborg. Now the deanship at Tech, with the involvement of, among others, heads of department in Foulum, has decided that the final name for the new campus will be "AU Viborg”.

According to the dean of Tech, Eskild Holm Nielsen, the new name means the start of a new and exciting era for Foulum:

"It is a strong signal that the new campus is organized under a new name. The name AU Viborg is consistent with AU's use of campus names, where the city name of the largest city in the municipality is used. Viborg is highly relevant when students choose their studies, the dialogue Viborg Municipality is good, we all have a strong focus on developing Viborg as an attractive study city. Both the location and the existing infrastructure provide an optimal framework for a unique campus environment and to ensure students a good student life in Viborg, where they are offered housing guarantees and flexible, public transport options to and from AU Viborg," says Eskild Holm Nielsen.

New study programmes and world-leading research

Eskild Holm Nielsen also emphasizes that the name "AU Viborg – Research Center Foulum" refers to the internationally recognized research for which Foulum is known:

"The research centre Foulum's academic environments are internationally recognised for world-leading research in livestock, plants, ecology, bioenergy, climate, agriculture, genetics, and environmental technology. By bringing together study programmes within these disciplines on one campus, we ensure synergy and interdisciplinarity, which are crucial for the labour force of the future. We create new study programmes with exciting learning environments and close research integration from the very first semester. Early in the programme the students get close to soil, plants and animals as well as larger, professional and social communities between researchers and students across programmes and groups, which is a great advantage for the core activities," says the Dean.

AU Viborg's core tasks within research-based policy support provide students with unique opportunities to experience how new knowledge is disseminated and utilized for political decisions, legislation and business development.

The integrated educational concept entails that the students will spend large parts of their day on campus. Therefore, up-to-date study facilities and opportunities are established to enrich student life with social aspects.

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